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Dear Teachers, with your help we would like to organize a network of all the Educational institutions and Educators in Canada. In return, we offer you a very affordable way to show your students and their parents who the Educators are. All our plans are greatly reduced in price to encourage teachers to check their school information, put their detailed profile page and respond to students' comments. Please understand that we are not making any money on the packages for teachers. We are also trying to encourage students to give their teachers a positive feedback about their work.

Let's remember "Children are our future" and they depend on you.
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  • Golden Plan
    Subscribe to our best promotional plan. Improve your profile with a highly visible golden frame and promo listing. Add up to six profile images and multiple footer images. Use the powerful "Teacher of the week" banner and remove all Google ads from your profile. The ideal choice for any school or teacher.
    • Starts at $4.17/month
    * price based on one year subscription
  • Info Plan
    Add a header image and a short biography to your profile. Perfect for any teacher.
    • Only $9.99/year
  • Silver Plan
    Emphasize your profile with a silver frame and add your full biography with up to three photos. Your profile will be seen by more people because it will appear at the top of the list. Perfect for any school or teacher.
    • Starts at $3.75/month*
    * price based on one year subscription
  • Basic Plan
    Show basic information - Name, Address, Phone(s), E-mail, Web address and working hours.
    • One time fee of $14.99
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